Our Approach

Based in Seattle, The Spellman Company is small by choice. Every client receives personal attention. Operations are lean and flexible, saving clients money while still providing access to a great pool of talent.

Above all, The Spellman Company avoids the typical agency structure, focusing on results and relationships, rather than billable hours.

Winning the hearts of consumers is part art and part science, hinging on creating a unique identity that distinguishes the product in the eyes of the buyer and media. Developing a personalized voice is part of the customized approach The Spellman Company uses to increase awareness of their client's products or services.

Without a doubt, reaching a niche audience in today's environment requires smart, creative strategies and integrated planning. Working in collaboration with clients to clarify goals and objectives, The Spellman Company recommends which services will get the best results, and the most cost-effective way to implement them.